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"To Whom It May Concern
My name is Xochitl. This is my story...

It really started in my teens, but in my early 20's my life went up, down, turn around—please don't let me hit the ground of non-stop pain. It was an awful time to say the least. Having constant numbness, tingling, throbbing pain shooting up and down my body, I had no life.

For many years, the doctors gave me different kinds of test, medications, including depression pills (supposedly to help with the pain), acupuncture, hot water therapy, and pain management classes. Nothing was working! I had no life, spent my life in bed most of the time. I could not even hug my family.

Neither I, nor the doctors had any idea what was wrong with me. Then finally after quite a few years, one day a doctor diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.

I thought, finally, it has a name. At that time there was no specific medicine for fibromyalgia. The doctors could not do anything for me for many years. I got to a point in my life where I was tired of numbing the pain with pills that did not work, and living like a zombie. I wanted to eliminate the pain forever.

One day, I saw a gentleman by the name of Elijah Free speak at an Event at East West Bookstore. He spoke passionately about eliminating all types of pain including mechanical and metabolic, and that he had a cure for fibromyalgia. I knew immediately that he was the man to eliminate my pain forever!

I started taking Fibro Ease and within a month I felt less pain. Then another month goes by, less pain, and then another, less pain. I was in ah! Less pain—oh my goodness!

Here I am almost a year taking Fibro Ease and I feel wonderful. I am almost completely pain free and it all has to do with Elijah Free and his Fibro Ease—yeah! I'm now in my early 30's living life zombie free and enjoying all things called life."