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Steve Lawson

"Elijah, I have been taking Immunagen as a supplement for a period of one year. And it has been about that long since I have suffered from more than a mild Illness! A few weeks before I began Immunagen I stayed home from work for two days because of a head cold. All my life I would get sick several times a year it would hang on for at least a week and often for two weeks or more. And the symptoms were terrible! Head colds, ear infections, headaches, runny noses, bronchitis that would hang on for weeks. I would also get stomach flu at least once a year.

Then I took Immunagen as a supplement. Since then I have had mild symptoms that I only recognized as sickness when I discovered that some bug was going around.

My wife and I have been apart for several months. Two days before I was to visit her she began to come down with a cold so I Fed Ex'd a bottle of Immunagen to her with instructions to take a full dropper once an hour. The cold was gone the next day! Something, she says, had never happened before. So, I know I have thanked you before, but please accept yet another offering of gratitude. Your herbal skills have been a boon to my immune system."