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Nishkama L.

Mt. View, CA

The healer that I'd like to recommend is Elijah Free.

Elijah specializes in eliminating pain and preventing its recurrence.

For years I had been unable to walk without pain in my feet, sometimes a lot of pain. Conventional practitioners gave it their best shot with only limited and temporary results.

Elijah's treatment has worked amazingly well, has enabled me to walk without pain. I'm able to resume one of my most cherished pursuits - long, strenuous, spiritually nourishing hikes in quite a variety of terrain.

Elijah has a very well deserved reputation for relieving and eliminating pain due to a broad spectrum of causes. A key to his success is a unique ability to tune in to what is really going on in your body, an ability that probably can't be taught.

In my case, he has combined a series of gentle bodily manipulations with an herbal concoction called Arthritis-Ease that encourages my body to reabsorb bone spurs.