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Nicole N.

Safe Energy is yet another brilliant formulation by Elijah Free. I have been using this herbal tincture, as needed, for the last couple of months and I have been beyond pleased with the results. As somebody who is very sensitive to caffeine (and also appalled by the thought of chemical-laden energy drinks), I felt option-less when my energy levels started to dip midday. Having been given the opportunity to experiment with Safe Energy, it is now my go-to remedy anytime I need an extra boost! Initially, I noticed how quickly this remedy took affect, providing an increased mental clarity and energetic lift that lasted. No matter how late in the day I take Safe Energy, it has never affected my ability to fall asleep. In fact, the herbs seem to help me sleep more deeply, and wake feeling alert.

As a secondary observation, I have also noticed how impactful Safe Energy is with regards to physical stamina. I lead an active lifestyle, mostly exercising outdoors by way of hiking, biking, and swimming. When I take Safe Energy just before a workout of any kind, I am blown away by its ability to help with endurance, muscular engagement, and even increased respiration.

A little goes a long way, and I have experienced cumulative positive results! I can only imagine how helpful Safe Energy would be for students, athletes, busy parents, or anybody who might be energetically depleted. Truly, an amazing formulation!