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Nancy Brock

I began having migraines in the pre-menopause stage, called Perimenopause ... and had no idea why this was happening. This went on for a few years; with each migraine, I was out of commission for a whole three days! Finally, I was having three migraines each month, which meant that I was loosing nine days to this incapacitating pain! Although I had never taken pharmaceuticals, in desperation, I tried Immatrex, but it is expensive and you have to take it right at the beginning of the headache, or it does not work. Then I became concerned about the amount of this 'drug' I was taking each month, and so did other people who were close to me. Finally, I found the "Meno-ease Herbal Formula" - by Master Herbalist, Elijah Free. The migraine headaches stopped and I have never had them again. Aside from a very random hot flash, I never had any of the other symptoms that usually accompany Menopause, not even the mood swings that so many women report. Thank you, Elijah, for your wonderful work, what a blessing!