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Nancy A. B., M.A.

teacher, leadership trainer. Santa Fe, NM

"In the last four years I have been in increasingly extreme situations of stress, and even beginning to get grey hair! Because I work in a very unusual field, there is not much work at this time. I was depending on two investments I had made, to carry me to a certain point in my work. However, one was lost, by the person I trusted to take care of it, and the other has been on "terminal hold". This stress has been some of the most intense in my life and I have become more and more debilitated. My body felt like I was dragging it around, and was tired even upon getting up in the morning. In the last three weeks of taking Elijah's Cortisol-Ease™ I get up in the morning feeling energy in my body that allows me to do what I need to, and to feel like I can get through life again! I am so grateful!"