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Margaret G

Name of person taking ALZ-A: Carrol G

Age: 72

Relationship: Spouse

I was losing my husband to a disease I didn’t know how to fight. Watching him disappear before my very eyes. The disease so debilitating, watching the person I shared almost 30 years with slipping away to where I didn’t know him. And him being so strong all his life. A man’s man, if you will.

Now, confused, moody, and depressed, his mind was failing him more and more. Not knowing the month and year, the difference between a.m. and p.m. Leaving the gas stove on. Leaving the garage door open and the front door unlocked. Not even the memory of what he ate or even if he ate. I fell into fear for the both of us, as if our lives were nearly over.

But knowing I needed to be strong for both of us, I took over all the responsibility for our lives. I didn’t realize just how upset and stressed I was inside. And I became sick and needed Elijah’s expertise. I made mention of my husband’s failing condition and Elijah told me about ALZ-Ease.

My husband was the first person to be on ALZ-Ease. Within 3 months I noticed my husband wasn’t as moody and depressed. He was playing golf again and enjoying the sport and his friends. He wasn’t arguing and having disagreements with others as much.

We took a trip in September and he didn’t get lost, and was so enthused and agreeable about sightseeing. He knew the date and where he was. He never got lost once. We had a marvelous trip. It was so good to have him back to his old self. The one I had shared so many adventures and years with.

I thank God for working through Elijah and Earth Friend Herb Co. to create ALZ-Ease.

Margaret G.