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Marcella Smit

Dear Elijah,

Your TMJ-Ease™ formula works wonders! I am thrilled to be experiencing the tremendous benefits.

After having suffered from severe TMJ symptoms for over 25 years, the search for pain relief is over.

Since using your TMJ-Ease™ Formula I have noticed many positive changes.

In my second week my pain level decreased by 50%. In the third week my face changed noticeably, meaning my Jaw Joint (TMJ) relaxed and allowed my Lower jaw to 'drop' again to it's natural position. Ending the crammed feeling inside the joint. This stopped the clenching of my jaws and the tenseness in my face is gone. That third week again my pain level decreased even more.

I am eating crunchy foods again without having to pay the price of being in pain for a week. In the third week I also noticed that I am now chewing evenly. My left and right joint would subluxate/dislocate while opening and closing my mouth and also while chewing food. Both joints are tracking normal now. No other treatment protocol or product has ever produced all of these results.

I am very grateful for the TMJ-Ease™ formula and I am thrilled with the many wonderful results & changes. My jaw joints finally feel and work like they are supposed to, virtually pain free. This is huge for me, since at its worst my TMJ disorder caused me pain of a '15' on a scale of 1 to 10. Seeing this drop to maybe a 1 in my fourth week using the TMJ-Ease™ formula.

Thanks a Billion,

Marcella Smit