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Maggie Camp

November 19, 2012

Observation on the Effects of Cortisol-Ease by Maggie Camp

If asked to describe, in one word, the change in my husband’s personality after taking the Cortisol-Ease™ formula, that word would be dramatic. Or, more accurately—un-dramatic.

Before taking the Cortisol formula my husband (Elijah Free) was like a taut rubber band, always ready to snap at the least provocation; real or imagined. I would often tell him that he was ‘wrapped too tight’. He carried his anger with him at all times, the least little thing causing him to go into a rage, sometimes a controlled rage and sometimes an uncontrolled rage. You see, on one level he knew that he was over reacting to the current situation and would try to control his behavior. As hard as he tried to control his emotions the emotions would win out over the logic.

Smaller events, such as a bad driver on the highway, a missed appointment or a mistake would cause him to become indignant and irate for hours. He would go on and on about the incident, repeating the ‘offense’ over and over as if he had been personally attacked or great harm had been done to him. The ‘offense’ would be brought up and repeated time and time again, often days later. In other words, the response was completely out of proportion to the incident and he was unable to ‘let go’ of the event. It was as if a recording of the event was being played in an endless loop in his head.

Larger events, such as a disagreement with me, would cause a major meltdown with yelling and continual drama. To me, it often appeared as if a helpless child was throwing a fit in order to get what he wanted. Again, it was as if I had personally attacked him. Later, Elijah would always be remorseful and sorry for his behavior because, after cooling down, he was able to see how out of proportion his reaction was.

Since Elijah carried his anger with him at all times, he was always looking for something to be mad at/with. When unable to find anything, he would create something. He would come home and pick a fight with me over nothing and he would not be satisfied until he made me angry enough to engage with him. It was as if he needed me to be as wound up as he was in order that he could feel my emotional engagement with him. To say the least, this situation was unpleasant and unsustainable.

Once Elijah started to take the Cortisol-Ease formula it was like night and day. I first noticed the difference when speaking with him on the phone. His voice sounded relaxed and calm. He mentioned an incident but did not process it endlessly. It was an irritation but no longer a personal affront to him. He was able to let the incident go.

Elijah is now relaxed and calm, able to process events in a rational manner. Something might be irritating to him but there is no longer the need to processes the event endlessly. He laughs more easily and seems to be having fun.

He is also less driven when it comes to his work. Previously, everything else (including his health) was secondary to his work. He was a classic workaholic. Everything had to be done now where his work was involved. He now has a perspective on his work. Yes, it is important but there is no longer the sense of urgency as in it must be done immediately. In short, he is more relaxed about it while still being able to accomplish what needs to get done.

Elijah is now caring and concerned about my needs and me. He is loving and open in a way that he has never been before. On the other hand, I feel myself being more relaxed and calm as I do not have to be concerned over saying or doing something that might “set him off”.

The Cortisol-Ease formula is like a miracle in our lives. It has saved my marriage and given me the husband that I always knew was buried under the anger.