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Lisa K.


My story is one of an all but miraculous improvement in crippling and potentially fatal systemic scleroderma following a course of treatment advised by Elijah.

It begins in 1995, when I was diagnosed with Raynaud's disease. At that time I was suffering from decreased sensation and warmth in my fingers and toes, and ulcerations on my fingertips due to lack of circulation.

Then in May 2001, my hands became very red and inflamed, and the skin began to harden. Within a few months, the hardening had spread up my arms to my torso. My fingers began to curl; I was unable to make a fist or grasp items, and I had joint pain, esophageal reflux, choking episodes, extremely low blood pressure (85/55), and insomnia. I also suffered from extreme fatigue and was battling severe depression as well. I found out in December of that year that I now had diffuse systemic scleroderma.

This condition was potentially life threatening. If not only affects the skin, but also can affect the internal organs, especially the lungs, kidneys, heart, and liver. In my case, there was an impact on pulmonary function due to hardening of the lungs. The diffusion rate (the amount of oxygen the lungs can distribute to the blood) had fallen to 68% of normal. The choking episodes were due to a hardening of the esophagus. I also developed fibrous growths in various places, including a possible fibrotic cyst on my left ankle, and uterine fibroids that ultimately required treatment by hysterectomy, in which two pounds of fibrous growths were removed surgically.

I found the decline of my health beginning in the mid 1990s and continuing into the early 2000s frightening. I had always been an athletic, physically active person, engaged in backpacking, bicycling, and strenuous hiking. The decline in my health made it difficult to continue these activities and this was very frustrating to me, as well as terrifying because it made me feel I was losing control. Within a year of the onset of these symptoms, I had all but given up hope of regaining my health and strength.

In December 2002, I began to pursue alternative approaches to healing, including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and western herbs and supplements under the supervision of a naturopath. I tried homeopathy and chiropractic. I explored hot/cold therapy, ultrasound, exercise, massage therapy, and hypnotherapy.

I had some relief from joint pain using these therapies. But I was still searching for something that could reverse the course of the disease, and had not found it in any of these approaches.

I met Elijah at a talk he gave in September 2006 at East/West Books in Mountain View, California. His talk was on pain and fibromyalgia, which I don't have, but it occurred to me that the nature of scleroderma was similar enough to fibromyalgia that what he was talking about might apply to me as well. So I approached him after the talk and asked him about this. After consulting with his naturopathic physician partner, Elijah decided that the herbal course he had developed for fibromyalgia might work for scleroderma as well – certainly it was worth a try – and so beginning on October 20, 2006, I began a course of Fibro-Ease.

The improvement in my condition was dramatic and almost immediate. Within two weeks, the hard fibrous lump over my left ankle began to soften and shrink. It has continued to improve to this day. The choking episodes also declined, and by the third week they had disappeared altogether. By the fourth week, the skin on my back had softened dramatically, appearing moist and supple rather than stretched like a drum skin. In the sixth week, I was able to do a yoga posture that I had been unable to do because of tightness under my arms.

By the seventh week, the inflammation and fibrous tissue in my wrists had begun to shrink dramatically, allowing greater range of movement in my hands. By the ninth week, the skin on my feet was also softening. By the fourteenth week, my chiropractor said that my joints appeared more "lubricated."

The lines and tightness around my mouth began to soften, as did the skin of my hands and the swelling in my fingers. I enjoyed greater freedom of movement, and was able to resume my usual physical activity. I can't even express how relieving it was to be able to enjoy nature!

In all of these ways, my health has continued to improve to this day. A friend who hadn't seen me for a year commented on how much better my skin looked than the last time he had seen me.

Not only had my skin condition improved, but many of the internal problems I had been experiencing as well. I had a pulmonary function test in January of 2007, which indicated that the elasticity of my lung tissue had improved significantly over the two years since my previous test. Also, my esophageal hardening had diminished, as evidenced by the fact that the choking incidents had disappeared altogether within the first month of treatment. Thus, I experienced improvement not only in my appearance and freedom of movement, but also in a condition that might have been life-threatening if it had continued to worsen.

One happy side effect involved the decline in herpes outbreaks. These used to occur once a month, and now have declined to about once every five months. My general energy level and lung performance have improved dramatically, enabling me to go on an eighty-mile backpacking trip hiking over 11,000-foot passes.

In short, my symptoms have improved dramatically since I began using Elijah's course of treatment.