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Lance Soukup

Viet Nam Combat Veteran

This is what it was like when I started working with Elijah Free using the herbal formula for PTSD called Cortisol-Ease.

The cortisol saliva test (Adrenal Stress Index Test—ASI) showed that I was in low cortisol production with spiking highs. (This is a common occurrence with chronic PTSD. Study note.)

I had previously been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. My adrenal glands were depleted from my body being locked in fight or flight freeze mode.

I used caffeine extensively to manage the fear that further depleted the adrenal glands, so that the adrenal glands were not able to produce the necessary hormones needed to successfully manage fear and stress situations.

This resulted in little things appearing and feeling larger than they really were. I just did not have the energy to successfully deal with life’s situations and other people and my own emotions.

What I noticed was the Cortisol-Ease would give me a real lift. I would have more energy, settle down emotionally, and be far less reactive. I was able to better engage each situation as it came up.

Healing PTSD, in my opinion, is faster and easier when there is a good childhood with a healthy base map already in place to return to. Without that, one has to finish one’s childhood development and create a healthy base map with the resulting feeling of basic safety and trust in and of life.

I had a hard childhood that was abusive and unsupportive. I grew up being in fear most of the time. So when I went into the army during the Vietnam era, I quickly became a binge blackout drinker and became addicted to alcohol. The alcohol damaged my body and brain and I became even more fearful. So I volunteered for Vietnam thinking that combat would force me to get over being afraid. Unfortunately without a healthier foundation, it further traumatized me.

When I started Cortisol-Ease, I was involved in two different types of trauma therapy. I slowly and painfully worked my way through both the childhood developmental trauma and the adult PTSD of Vietnam. I have been making rapid progress since adding in Cortisol-Ease.

My experience is that the Cortisol-Ease herbal formula gives me enough resources and energy to not have to automatically and blindly react to my internal and external stresses. Cortisol-Ease helps give me the choice to act freely rather than just react from PTSD.