Earth Friend Herb Co

Together We Heal the Planet and You

Kristen. R

Berkeley, CA

"Elijah is an incredibly gifted healer. Since I have known him, he has helped me to transform my health in life-changing ways:

For anyone who has fibromyalgia, it's probably exhausting to even think about trying yet another treatment... but Elijah's herbal tinctures worked so well for me that I no longer have the symptoms!

And his herbs are also reasonably priced—not something that can be said for many other herbal products out there. He also has herbal formulas for many other conditions—just ask him, you may be surprised.

To add to all this, I thoroughly enjoy talking with Elijah during my sessions—he's very grounded, light-hearted, and wise—and he truly cares about you getting back to your desired state of health.

I regularly refer people to Elijah, and I often hear "miracle" stories from them afterwards. So glad there's someone like him and Earth Friend Herb Co. out there in the trenches helping us to realize how healthy and vital and mobile we can be—not just once in awhile, but as our primary state of being.

Thanks, Elijah!"