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Elijah Free is a God sent master healer. We highly recommend Elijah to anyone who has tried everything with little or no results. My daughter who was suffering from chronic pain throughout her body for 10 plus years was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia. She tried everything the conventional doctors gave her. Nothing worked, she got worse. Finally, we decided to look for alternative healing. That's when we first met Elijah. He was speaking about his freeing method for a healthier way of life with no pain. We made an appointment, immediately he could tell us that with time my daughter would be cured. Elijah worked on her metabolical and mechanical structure. His gentle touch worked wonders on her spine and his herbs helped strengthen her metabolical structure. Since my daughter has been with Elijah, she no longer has fibromyalgia. She has energy and can do simple things that she couldn't do before. Thanks to Elijah's methods and herbs, I have my daughter back. I can hug her and know that she is not hurting. If you also have had little or no results with conventional methods go see Elijah Free