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Jeff F.

San Francisco, CA

"I have had many ailments and some serious injures to my back that have come close to healing and then reinjured. I first saw Elijah in 2008, at the urging of a dear friend. I flew out to the Bay Area as by this time I had tried numerous healers and traditional medicine and physical therapy.

I returned to the bay area in 2012 and looked up Elijah. We talked extensively about my dependency to medications and that I was having panic and anxiety attacks that would last for 5-6 hours where I would be curled up in the fetal position in bed. Anyone who has ever had anxiety or panic at this level knows what I am talking about. Those of you that don't can empathize but do not quite understand it.

I have been on and off with anti-anxiety medications almost all of my adult life. I have attempted to come off of these, usually through my own decision, as I did not want to live in a continual foggy haze and it felt life was passing me by.

The medications worked wonders at first for the anxiety and panic and then I became dependant on them. Before the anxiety medication I was self-medicating with alcohol and other substances to calm the anxiety and depression. Then they became intertwined with the medications for a few years.

I decided to do an inpatient program and detox which only gets you out of the woods for such things as seizures etc. when coming off benzodiazepines. Then the real hell of the nervous system and residual detox kicks in. I would lie in bed for hours not sleeping, every sound was magnified and my body would shake like I was in constant fight or flight. Eating was a chore, my thinking was challenged and decision making very compromised. I had to go to the emergency room on several occasions over the last few months.

I started taking Elijah's Cortisol-Ease™ about 12 days ago. It was determined that my adrenals were in fatigue and producing too much cortisol, which was one of the reasons I was tired all the time. I did an adrenal stress test, (ASI test) and found my cortisol levels were off the chart.

Since beginning Cortisol-Ease™ I have felt dramatic progress. I do not wake up craving something to help with fear first thing in the morning. The anxiety is much less and within a week I noticed it had gone from 10 to 7.5. I am feeling less detox and less anxiety, and trust me the stresses in my life would normally require taking either Xanax or Valium. Today I can say that I am at a 6.5 in the time I have been taking the cortisol formula (about two weeks).

I would highly recommend Cortisol-Ease™ to anyone who deals with anxiety or has to take medications for anxiety or elevated cortisol levels. I have never found anything like this before and I have also tried essential oils, valerian root, kava-kava, and of course benzodiazepines.

The cortisol formula is excellent for me and I am amazed at the results. I have never been this calm and not had a knee jerk reaction to take an anxiety pill to calm me first thing in the morning or after a coffee or stressor. Elijah thank you. For your kindness, your help, your inspiration and the healing you provide to so many. God Bless,"