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Elijah Free


“As the designer of the Cortisol-Ease, it has far exceeded my expectations in the basic trials segment of usage.

As with all new herbal products that I formulate, they are first used in the clinic with patients who have that particular need. At that point, I have considered is there anything else that might be effective and decided that there was not. I then investigate the metabolic origins of the problem and proceed to design a formula that could be helpful to restore the natural metabolic balance to the body. As with all new formulations, the first batch is given away to patients at no charge in return for trying out the product. All of the ingredients are on the FDA safe to use list and not on the FDA GRAS not safe to use list.

I would like to narrate some of the events of my life that had contributed to the condition of PTSD and a deep cortisol depression, besides my military time during the years of 1968 and 1969.

Both of my parents were physically and emotionally abusive. Some of the injuries that were incurred from my parents during childhood were a concussion along with a split forehead that required a number of sutures, and a week in bed to recover.

Another was my father burnt my hand with a cigar and made me sit in the sun with the burn for the day during an outing. Once I slid on my bike and scrapped the knee down close to the bone. My father in a fit of rage over something trivial grabbed the injured knee and beat it until it seeped blood out of the dressing. Since we came from a relatively lower income family, I had been working on a portfolio that my art teacher considered good enough to possibly obtain an art scholarship. In another fit, my father tore it up. There were numerous incidents of violent beatings in front of other children.

I was a very bad asthmatic growing up and was often ill, so I was a target at school constantly for bullies to beat on. At seventeen I enlisted in the service with my parent’s signing to get away from them. I left the day after high school with the agreement from my father that I would sign up to go to Viet Nam. As it turned out, I never had to go.

After the service I had a history of drug use that was hard to give up. In my mid twenties, I had a serious injury to my back that left me in bad pain for nearly two years that I healed and led to a career in natural healing.

There was a bad marriage that lasted fifteen years with the result I was left broke and on the verge of a bankruptcy. I then met a wonderful woman who was recovering from cancer, but the cancer returned and I cared for her for a year until she died.

Some years ago, I was given a medication by a dentist that I had a very severe reaction to. Eventually it led to other very serious health problems. I later found out from the hygienist who was considering quitting but decided not to, that this dentist often created new dental problems as a means to charge more money. This was validated by reviews about him on Yelp.

Two years ago I became so ill from the medication side effects that I could no longer work for an entire month. It appeared that my career was over. My money was almost gone and my wife had been out of work for over a year, so that made the situation even more stressful. I did create a new formula that helped greatly with the illness and soon was able to return to work and rebuild my health that has improved greatly except for one lesser condition that I still hope to create a remedy for at a later date.

By this time, I had been under stress for years. I felt I had never really recovered from the tragic death of my beloved partner. My marriage was rapidly coming to an end. I felt chronically never at ease, easy to anger, hypercritical of myself and everything else and more.

While writing the provisional patent for the formula, I finally had to come to the hard realization that I had a severe case of PTSD and that I functioned so well in clinical work only because of my commitment to meditation and whatever was necessary to serve others.

So I took the ASI test and began the formula.

The ASI test came back even worse than I had imagined.

However, with the first dosage of the formula, I felt a remarkable change.

It was as if all of that dreaded PTSD feeling just drained away—and it has never returned—not one iota in the four weeks since I first began taking it.

All of my symptoms of PTSD—truthfully—have literally vanished and have not returned.

There is no reason that this will not work the same way on other vets with PTSD as it has on myself. I feel normal for the first time since before I can remember. My marriage has turned around and is wonderful to be a part of. I awake happy and go to bed the same way at the end of the day. I am no longer hypercritical of others or myself anymore—what a relief for my wife.

I submit this anecdotal information at the end of the Study as a note for what it has done for me and to be considered for whatever purpose it may serve. Included next is a note from my wife, Maggie Camp who has lived with a person suffering from the deleterious effects of an inappropriate cortisol load and chronic PTSD, and what she has witnessed in the past four weeks of my using the formula and the incidents of the ten plus years that we have spent together.

After that is the actual ASI test itself with the correlating data of the suppressed cortisol load.”