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Elijah Free

Once again, I feel I need to make a testimonial about my own product design. Cell-Ease™ was originally designed to use with my patients at the clinic where I have worked for over 16 years. For nearly two years, I watched Cell-Ease do wonderful things for my patients, but had never tried it myself. I am so sorry that I had waited so long to take it after I witnessed what it did for me. First of all, it aided in ending a four-year bout of A-fib where my heart could not put together two consistent beats in a row. After about two months on Cell-Ease™ and Cell-Ease Support™, my heart spontaneously went out of A-fib Cell-Ease also helped tremendously with a case of psoriasis that I got from a side effect of a wrong medication. Once again, Cell-Ease™ along with Cell-Ease Support™ helped immensely.