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Elijah Free

As the owner and formulator of Earth Friend Herb Co, there are a few formulas that I originally designed for myself when health problems made them essential to design, research and create.

One of these is Fungus-Ease. This formula literally raised me up from a sick bed that I couldn’t even get out of for weeks at a time, I was so ill with a fungus and mold over growth infection.

I had been severely mistreated by a very bad dentist who used his practice to make his patients worse at times on purpose to obtain more dental business. He was very dishonest and my sickness was a direct result of his lying about some medications he wanted me to take for what was later found out to be an intense dental surgical procedure that was not needed at all.

As my health wound down further, nothing would help me, without making me so much worse.

One day, after nearly two weeks in bed again, I got the inspiration for Fungus-Ease. I was able to go back to the clinic to work the following week. And over the months that ensued, I was able to rebuild my health.

Now, at the age of sixty-four, I am not only an avid weight lifter, but also an endurance runner again.

To celebrate my sixty-fourth birthday, I did a run of five miles under an hour and up an incline. My recovery is so good; I was not even the least winded.

So, my gratitude for the inspiration that gave me the gift of Fungus-Ease to restore my health.

Elijah Free for Earth Friend Herb Co.