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Dr. Sylvia Skefich DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

Santa Cruz, CA

REPORT: 5/10/05

My Clinical Experience with Earth Friend Herb Company’s Fibro-Ease Herbal Tincture for Fibromyalgia

Clinical Setting:

Private practice of Sylvia Skefich, Doctor of Chiropractic for seven years in the city of Santa Cruz, California.

I was introduced to the Fibro-Ease formula by the developer of it, Elijah Free. Elijah offered to assist in a fibromyalgia “screening” for patients of my clinic, and we were able to identify 2 patients who participated who had the classical signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia as described by Elijah Free. I identified another patient with the condition soon after. In addition, I started taking the formula myself due to long term but more subtle manifestation of the signs and symptoms.

(See section titled “screening” for more information.)

Summary of the four persons experience and usage of the formula:

Initials, T-L. M.: 43-year-old female, overweight sedentary lifestyle, and office-worker. History of chronic low back pain, chronic upper thoracic/shoulder pain, chronic recurring neck pain and headaches. Had started with the Fibro-Ease formula in late November of 2004 (6 months ago).

The patient notes, “When using the formula 3/X per day consistently, it worked absolutely wonderful! My low back hadn’t felt as good in years”—despite having started the formula at a time when the pain had been escalating. Upper back pain “may have been as dramatic” but the improvement in the low back overshadowed her focus on the upper back. Now that she uses the formula more sporadically (for financial reason), T-L feels she has plateau at a level that is improved in pain and mobility from where she had started.

The patient feels the product is easy to use, and the taste is “bad but not horrible.” In reviewing my chart notes in light of her history of seeking chiropractic/cranio-sacral treatments for her pain, the relief started at about the second month of use.

My objective palpatory finding is that the dense area of T.L.’s subcutaneous tissue is softening in a general and global way, from the surface downward.

Initials L.H: 51-year-old retired female. Has a years-long active worker’s compensation case for chronic low back, neck pain and headaches from work that required bending, and difficult positions in regard to checking machinery. The patient started with the Fibro-Ease formula one month ago.

The patient reported dramatic and almost immediate results that are complicated by other factors (as she had started travel at the same time as the product use—first to a very cold and dry climate for a few days, and then to Mexico for two weeks). At this time, she states: “I find my chronic pain level to be less.” L.H. is looking forward to continuing use of the formula, but is not certain that the formula is the cause of her relief, as she has still experienced flare-ups of pain.

L.H. finds the product easy to use “you just have to remember to do it,” and the taste is “not bad enough to prevent you from taking it.”

My objective palpatory findings are that the density of her tissues is breaking up, for example, where I had once palpated a dense continuous subcutaneous thickening, I now palpate nodular and semi-mobile small dense areas, with a surface that is very much less dense and less adhered to the lower layers.

Initials K. R-G: 45-year-old female, active homemaker. Formerly very athletic, now overweight. History of chronic recurring pain in upper thoracic region.

This patient is non compliant with the use. The taste gets in the way of her compliance, she states. I have also observed the patient to be more concerned with taking care of the welfare of her family members than of her self.

Sylvia Skefich: 40 year old female, active, normal weight. History of low grade, chronic upper shoulder tension and pain. Started taking the formula 6 months ago, as prescribed (full dosage) for three months, then took a one month break and then resumed at near full dosage until now.

I noticed a sense of freedom coming into my shoulder girdle in the second month especially during my running exercise. The freedom of my arms swinging felt weird at first, and I could feel a restriction slowly letting go. The tension in my upper ribs above the scapula is less noticeable, and is only noticed when doing deskwork.

I noticed that my cellulite on my thighs began to diminish. In the month that I stopped using the formula, the cellulite began to creep back in. Continued use has diminished the cellulite buildup again. Although still there, I have to deeply rub my thighs to make the cellulite apparent. I am curious if cellulite is just a manifestation of fibromyalgia, as my thighs have the feel of fibromyalgia to palpation (and I had noticed this thickening to palpation for some years).


Elijah Free instructed me that upon screening a person for fibromyalgia, that if the patient has had Lyme Disease, the symptoms may not be fibromyalgia related (or responsive to the formula).

The palpation test itself consists of deeply running ones lubricated fingers or thumbs across the skin of the upper traps (at the base of the neck out towards the shoulders) and sacro-iliac joints (out towards the crests) and noting any dense rounded ridges under the skin. The ridges tend to be immovable. The feeling of fibromyalgia ridges is almost like a thumb adhered beneath the skin. An advanced person may feel even more continuous, like dense matting under the skin.


I will continue to prescribe the DS1 and DS1 Support for anyone with the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. I have been impressed with the results so far. The two patients who were compliant with use are ones with whom I have a long history of clinical experience. To see their improvement when sustained improvement could not be reached with bodywork alone is encouraging to me, as far as a thought of a “cure” rather than just management of a pain condition.