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Dorie G

Name of person taking ALZ-Ease: Elizabeth B. (Continued)

Age: 92 yrs old (DOB: 11/12/19)

Relationship: Professional Care Giver

Hi Cori,

My Statement herein:

I am Dorie Green a caregiver of Elizabeth Bossenberry. In short we called her "Betty"; she is 92 years old, diagnosed with a disease of Alzheimer’s. Betty is an ambulatory patient. I took care of her for more than four (4) years. My first year I was with her five (5) days a week picking her up from a senior center and bringing her to her daughter's house. On the next consecutive years I was with her for only three (3) days a week, because I went to school for my LVN program and she had another caregiver taking care of her for two (2) days. I would describe Betty as a moody person, too hard to take care of -- she was a very uncooperative person. She forgot everything; she even forgot if she ate her lunch or breakfast. Sometimes, she argued with you but because of her disease you have to understand her. Even with my more than four (4) years with her, she did not remember my name.

Two (2) months before I left her, that was Sept/October 2011, her daughter requested me to administer a trial formula on her. For the first two weeks there was a change in her behavior. Before that, she was always sleepy; she did not want to do anything, as if she was depressed. Sometimes she did not want to eat her snack that I prepared and whenever I picked her up at the senior center she was sitting in the corner alone, just staring at the people around her. If you did not talk to her she would not talk to you. Every time I picked her up at the senior center a volunteer aid always greeted me mentioning my name and when ever Betty heard my name she just stared at me so long. Sometimes I asked her what’s wrong but she ignored me -- that lasted for one (1) week. I mentioned this also to the other caregiver and our observation was the same. But on the fourth (4) week of taking the formula, I was so surprised-- when I went to pick her up from the center she called my name, saying that she is ready to go home and started telling about what was happening in the senior center. I was so happy, mentioning the changed and improvement to her daughter. On my last month with her, although she is still forgetful, she changed a lot --- she was not moody and she was cooperative. There are times that she was also a discussing topic from the TV show, Jeopardy and the evening TV shows whenever I stayed a little longer with her. I am so happy for her and I am hoping that she will continue improving her memory and behaviour.

Dorie G