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Cori B

Name of person taking ALZ-Ease: Elizabeth B

Age: 92 yrs old (DOB: 11/12/19)

Relationship: Mother (to Cori B)—Mom has lived with me since 1999.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 87. She exhibited frequent moodiness, angry outbreaks including hitting people, being uncooperative, fighting with people trying to care for her, paranoia and secretiveness over minor information. She exhibited disorientation to surroundings and not remembering much of the past or present. She has always recognized her immediate family, but not others with whom she is not in daily contact. Elizabeth has 3 perscribed medications, Aricept, Namenda and Risperdol to treat these symptoms.

In September 2011, Elizabeth began taking the formula Elijah Free developed. She took it 3x each day and continues to do so. At the beginning of October, 2011, her caregivers and director of the eldercare center she attends, mentioned changes in her behavior. She was more cooperative, didn’t fall asleep as frequently in the daytime, participated more in activities. Her mood improved – she wasn’t as aggressive or angry. At one point, I locked myself out of the house and she was able to get up, locate the door , unlock it and let me in. On another occasion, she recalled her hairdresser’s name upon entering the salon --- this was astounding as she has not said his name when seeing him. Although she still exhibits the cognitive issues of moderate Alzheimer’s, these are small but significant behavioral changes that give us great hope.

This is nothing short of a miracle.

Cori B.

Follow up from Cori B about her mother, Elizabeth B.


Looking back in time, mom started taking ALZ formula around September/October, 2011. She was 92 and had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years earlier. Around September 2011, my mother had been “kicked out” of Eldercare for shaking another elderly client at the Live Oak Senior Center, Cupertino. At that time, the Director of the eldercare center told me they could no longer let my mother continue coming there as she was antagonistic and not cooperative. Further, they were concerned about her endangering the safety of another senior citizen.

Prior to taking the ALZ formula, my mother was moody, depressed, uncooperative, sleepy most of the time and didn’t engage in conversation. I’m told that these are typical behaviors for many who have been diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer’s disease. However, in September 2011, mom began taking the ALZ formula, 3x/day, every day. After two weeks of taking ALZ daily my mom’s mood dramatically improved. She was much more cooperative and willing to engage in conversation. She was not as angry and was much more alert. Her caregiver at that time, Dori Green, noticed the improvement and commented on it (I’ve placed her email, below, related to her observations).

Also, around Sept/October, 2011, I enrolled my mother in another Eldercare program, Daybreak III, in Sunnyvale. The Director, Ginger McClure, told me that within two weeks and again at 4 weeks after taking the ALZ formula, that the change in my mother was “dramatic”. Mom was no longer displaying angry behaviors or arguing with people. She was able to follow directions/instructions. She became cooperative and happy.

It has now been 2 years in which mom has consistently taken the ALZ formula 3x/day every day. Mom’s mental and emotional condition has improved in so many ways. Many people who do not know my mom, when meeting her, tell me that she is “ peaceful and sweet” . She is generally cheerful and does not look or act depressed as she had two years ago. She follows instructions; she tells me when she needs something. It is now a pleasure to be with her.

Mom’s birthday is November 12 – and, she is now 94. While I have not observed any additional cognitive improvements, she has sustained the mental, emotional and behavioral improvements noted during the past two years. Granted, at her age many people do not remember words or certain things. Her ability to walk is getting harder – possibly because she doesn’t walk much, her
Leg muscles are not strong, or perhaps it’s a problem with her motor skills. That not withstanding, the change in mom’s behavior, mood and countenance since taking the ALZ formula has really been miraculous. There have been no other medical or pharmaceutical interventions during this 2-year time period.

I want to thank you, Elijah, for developing this miraculous formula. You have increased my mother’s well-being through this formula and increased her ability to enjoy and participate in life.
It is such a joy now to be with her!

God bless you and may you continue to heal others.

Love and Blessings.