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Carol B.

In her words: From: Carol B.

I finally got around to reading the write-up on your website for Cortisol-Ease — makes perfect sense to me, both when I look at the ingredients and when I consider the long terms stresses, and the relatively recent ones — by recent I mean the last several years, but there were plenty before that – actual PTSD due to something that happened three years ago, and about which I can still have nightmares, though much less often. I took it about the same time as I was going through exceedingly painful dental surgery. It is one of the few herbal products I have ever taken that does exactly what it says it will do.

To deal with my ongoing adrenal problems I have taken rhodiola and ashwaganda with much less success. I suspect the formula does more than just the sum of its parts would suggest. It is not just something additive, but also interactive in some way. — I sure would like to understand the underlying thinking that put this together.