Earth Friend Herb Co

Together We Heal the Planet and You


Earth Friend Herb Co began in 1980 as an exclusive line by Master Herbalist Elijah Free for his own private practice.

To better serve his patients and growing healing practice, Elijah decided to delve into the creation of his own herbal formulas in the form of herbal extracts know as tinctures. Elijah found that tinctures were far more potent than pills or capsules or teas or decoctions (concentrated water extracts).

The result was Earth Friend Herb Co

Until 1985, Earth Friend Herb Co remained an exclusive label for Elijah’s private practice. That year there were requests from numerous natural doctors to also use Earth Friend Herb Co products in their own practices.

This was how Earth Friend Herb Co began.

In 2001, Elijah folded public sales of Earth Friend Herb Co due to a long and tragic family event. There just was not enough time available to continue the volume of sales that Earth Friend Herb Co had grown to.

As of 2014, due to the unique nature and profound efficacy of Earth Friend Herb Co herbal products, Elijah is making Earth Friend Herb Co finally public once again.

Our Formulas

It is important to note that all of our products were and continually are designed and developed in a therapeutic situation and not just ‘whipped up’ to sell as the majority of companies do. Many of our products have sold by the thousands and were carefully developed over the years.

We offer a full line of herbal products for most every need and as the situation requires, enjoy adding a new product to our catalogue. What we are offering here is just part of our full line. As time goes on, we will be adding more of our custom formulations and a line of single herbal tinctures, custom tea blends and much more as we all get to know each other.

There is also an exceptional line of all-herbal body care products to introduce to you.