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Together We Heal the Planet and You

Now celebrating 35 years of manufacturing the finest herbal products anywhere! Earth Friend Herb Co began in 1980 as an exclusive line by Master Medical Herbalist Elijah Free for his own private natural healing practice.

The Earth Friend Herb Co line consists of dozens of herbal products, all designed and manufactured by Elijah for therapeutic clinic usage, and not just for over the counter sales. At Earth Friend Herb Co all of our herbal products are developed researched and formulated in actual clinical usage. Our products are developed in real time with real people in a real clinical setting.

Earth Friend Herb Co’s Master Herbalist Elijah Free still designs, researches and produces all of his own herbal formulas for over thirty-five years. No one can know and develop a product better than the designer.

Earth Friend Herb Co herbal products are all medicinal strength and highly concentrated. Many of our Earth Friend herbal products are not available anywhere else, including Fibro-Ease™ which received a patent from the US Government. This also includes ALZ-Ease™ for memory. (Read all of the testimonials.) Cortisol-Ease™ for PTSD. (See our video on Ending PTSD—One Veteran’s answer.) And much more.

Experience for yourself, the Earth Friend difference.

Ending PTSD – One Veteran’s Answer

Ending Fibromyalgia


Vicki Genfan, Winner – Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Guitar Superstar 2008 is the international spokesperson for Earth Friend Herb Co. product, Song of the Nightingale, Throat and Chest Syrup.

“I’m a guitarist, singer and songwriter who is lucky enough to travel all over the world performing my music and teaching. I came across Song of the Nightingale about 4 years ago and I make sure it’s with me wherever I go. It’s an all natural, herbal syrup that not only helps my singing and speaking voice if I start to get horse from over use, but it actually brings me relief from sore throats and chest congestion. I start taking it the minute I feel a cold coming on. The taste is amazing and even gives a blast of great breath (bonus!).” 

Vicki Genfan – 2008 Guitar Player Magazine’s ‘Guitar Superstar’.

About Us

Earth Friend Herb Co began in 1980 as an exclusive line by Master Herbalist Elijah Free for his own private practice.

To better serve his patients and growing healing practice, Elijah decided to delve into the creation of his own herbal formulas in the form of herbal extracts know as tinctures. Elijah found that tinctures were far more potent than pills or capsules or teas or decoctions (concentrated water extracts).

The result was Earth Friend Herb Co